Constitution can be found here Approved Constitution Sept 2014-Lodgement1

Notice of a Special General Meeting- September 25th at 5.30pm
Women in Business & Regional Development Incorporated (WIBRD) is convening a Special General Meeting at which the following resolution/s will be proposed as special resolutions to alter the rules of the association.

The Special General Meeting will take place at 5.30pm at The Tapas Room, Caffe Belgiorno’s, Percy Street, Mount Gambier on Monday the 25th of September.

Email Lydia at to confirm your attendance or to submit a Proxy vote.
The Special General Meeting has been called for Members of the Association to adopt the following alterations to the rules which will be proposed as a special resolution.


It is proposed to adopt the proposed changes to the Women in Business & Regional Development Inc. Rules of the Association in place of all of the existing Rules of Women in Business & Regional Development Inc.
Please find a link to the current Rules of Association HERE, a link to the proposed new Rules of the Association can be found HERE. Please consider the Explanatory Notes and information concerning voting procedures and participation at the Meeting set out in this Notice.

The environment in which Women in Business & Regional Development Inc. operates is changing rapidly. As a not-for-profit organisation, the standards of governance required along with the growth of our organisation has resulted in a need for a more streamlined rules of association as well as an emerging need for a strong and dynamic organisation to represent more widely the interests of women in our region and provide a modern framework to take WIBRD in to the future.
Over the past months the board of WIBRD have been working in conjunction with our Constitutional Committee to update and bring the WIBRD Constitution in line with our current management practices.
Amendments to the WIBRD Rules of the Association (constitution) have been overseen by the WIBRD Constitutional Committee comprising of Cathy Lunnay (Chair), Lauren Milich, Barbara Lightburn, Fiona Pulford and Madalena  Velotti (Public Officer). The Committee have worked closely with Bill DeGaris of DeGaris Lawyers to finalise the changes to the Rules of the Association in line with legal requirements. These changes have been presented and ratified by the Women in Business & Regional Development Board of Management, resulting in the convening of a Special General Meeting.
This Special Resolution proposes to amend the Constitution to change a number of things. Key in these proposed changes are the OBJECTS or PURPOSES of the association, any other RULES of the association, and composition of the Board and Terms of Office of Board Members. The Board considers that the organisation must be placed in the best possible position for the future, and recognises that the current Terms of Office of Board Members, which has served us well in the past, is now neither optimal nor in the future best interests of Members. Accordingly, the Board is recommending to Members a move to increasing the length of Terms in Office by Board Members and adjusting the current rules to the Board terms in office to ensure that the Board do not lose all Board Members and the experience and knowledge that goes with them at any one time. Please note, the proposed changes to the Board’s structure and composition should not be viewed in isolation from other initiatives included in these proposed Constitutional changes to improve the organisation’s governance arrangements and ultimately the delivery of services to Members.
The summary of proposed changes below provide details and rationale for the proposed changes. Note that there are a range of other minor and consequential changes that are not detailed in the notes. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Constitutional Committee Chair, Cathy Lunnay on 0418 803 570.

  • Definitions/terminology updated throughout document in line with current practices of the Association.
  • Removed reference to Membership being applied for in writing.Due to introduction of technology this is no longer relevant.
  • Introduction of new process for the nomination, application and appointment of the Board/Committee as mentioned in explanatory notes.
  • Introduction of Proxies for Board/Committee Members in line with creation of nomination Sub-Committee.
  • Removal of section 10 regarding Dispute Resolution – this is covered by Association Policy and not a requirement of the act to be included in the constitution.
  • Added reference to the requirement of the Association in regards to annual returns based on position as an Association verses Prescribed Association.


  • Section 8.8 allows for proxy votes. A proxy form for you to nominate another member to vote on your behalf if you cannot attend the meeting should be emailed to
  • Notice of a proposed special resolution to alter the rules, name or objects must be sent to all members of the Association.
  • In accordance with rule 17.3(a)(ii) members must be given at least 21 days’ notice of the meeting.
  • In accordance with rule 2.2 this notice must be given in writing and can be hand delivered, posted to a member’s nominated address or emailed to a member’s nominated email address.
  • Alterations to the rules can only be made if supported by 75% of members voting at the meeting or by proxy.
  • Alterations to the rules only take effect when lodged with Consumer & Business Services.

Date of notice: Monday the 4th September 2017
Approved by: The Board of Women in Business & Regional Development Inc

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