Our Story

Women in Business & Regional Development is all about connecting and supporting women throughout their career.

We offer networking, mentoring and learning, and you can achieve valuable support for your business and personal life.

Women in Business & Regional Development is a non profit organisation that strives to connect encourage and inspire women from right across the region.


To champion regional women as leaders and change-makers


We grow the potential of regional women and support them to create powerful legacies


Acknowledge, celebrate and raise the profile of women’s achievements in business and regional development.
1. Authenticity- Be real
2. Advocacy- Keeping the voice of regional women at the forefront of government policy
3. Leadership & Growth- Confidence & courage to shape a better future, no matter what the starting point
4. Relationships & Collaboration- By leveraging our collective wisdom & experiences, we build our community
5. Fun- Celebrating the achievements of women.
6. Balance- Looking after ourselves and each other


1. Financial sustainability
2. Building leadership capacity & a strong regional voice
3. Innovation & growth – Invest in ideas generating processes
4. Stakeholder satisfaction & wellbeing
5. Regional development- Opportunity for network to be truly regional


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