Monthly Membership

$9.50 / month

WIBRD offer Individual Membership for $9.5 (incl GST) per month.




  1. Membership discounts and access to free events. Saving up to $300
  2. Empowerment through a variety of events and training
  3. Individual, business & Professional development support and guidance from like-minded women
  4. Be part of a networking group with signi cant in uence across the Green Triangle Region
  5. Personal & professional development opportunities
  6. WIBRD 2018 Members Handbook and Events Calendar mailed to you in early 2018
  7. WiBRD infrastructure and support with networking ability.
  8. Opportunities for members and their businesses to be promoted on the WIBRD online platforms.
  9. Acknowledgement & celebration of members personal and business achievements

With over 22 events planned for 2019 which include our ‘Empowering Women in Business Breakfasts’, ‘Supporting each other in Business’ Luncheons, free training and professional development sessions, these events are all designed to o er opportunities for professional networking and personal growth.

* Terms and conditions apply. Savings and events are subject to change.

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