Toni Vorenas

Business Woman of the Year

Following a successful 30 year career in education where she received National Outstanding Teacher award, Toni Vorenas made a reluctant move from teaching to hospitality in 2009. This journey started with her husband’s Theo’s dream of owning a coffee shop but has evolved into a highly successful bakehouse and two site café bar, employing over 54 staff.

A director of two companies Toni’s path and businesses have continually evolved over the past decade as she has built her businesses, developed her strategic financial management skills and built a trusted brand. Toni and Metro’s success is by no means a chance, with a focus on continuous improvement she places a high emphasis on her staff and investing in them, has QA systems for each department of her business that is reviewed annually and refined.

Running her business with integrity and passion, Toni also works with a number of businesses in a mentoring capacity, as well as donating ‘time’ and ‘resources’ to those in need. She has participated in a number of committees and is a champion of regional business. As a valued member of Women in Business & Regional Development, Toni had the prestige of winning the Business Women of the year award in 2013, making her a dual winner in this category.