Meet our Team

Our People

Meet the amazing team & Board Members behind WiBRD…

Kylie Boston

Executive Officer

fun fact!

+ 30 years in business

+ Community Focus

+ Learnt crocheting for fun

Abby Ross

Membership & Administration Officer

fun fact!

+ Performs in community theatre

+ Paints watercolour and digital portraits of pets and families

+ Works remotely from WA

Jacinta Jones


fun fact!

Coming Soon…

Toni Vorenas

Duty Chair

fun fact!

+ My favourite novel of all time is the Great Gatsby. I’ve taught it 26 times and I always cry at the end of chapter 8

+ My last meal would be Saganaki cheese with a wedge of lemon

+ I have written 3 plays, one of which was co written with my brother and performed on the train from Mt Gambier to Penola

Harriet Keatley

Deputy Chair

fun fact!

+ I learned how to fly a plane when I was 40

+ I have been bunny jumping and paragliding and would love to give skydiving a go

+ I always wanted to be a stock & station agent growing up

Nicole Reschke


fun fact!

+ I love watching a relaxing serial killer tv show right before bed

+ My friends call me the 80’s queen because of my music playlists

+ I get anxious if I don’t have a holiday planned

Ebony Cunningham

Board Member

fun fact!

+ My favourite food is tex mex cuisine and I’ll spend hours cooking away in the backyard

+ I wanted to be a lawyer after watching Ally McBeal at age 11

+ If I could ask anyone to lunch past or present, I would ask Brene Brown, the Rock, and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Cathy Beckman

Board Member

fun fact!

+ I used to work at a footy club as a sports trainer many years ago
+ I can’t stand the smell of bananas
+ I am a Royalist and a huge Abba fan!

Brittany Shelton

Board Member

fun fact!

+ I have traveled to 5 of the 7 continents and plan to make it to all 7 eventually

+ My favourite flavour of jellybean is the black ones

+ I have completed 3 university degrees (including 1 masters) within 7 years and am not currently using any of them

Cindy Blunt

Board Member

fun fact!

+ I was a fire fighter for 5 years in Naracoorte and one of the scariest things I had to do was cut down an ENORMOUS gum tree with an ENORMOUS chainsaw whilst it was still on fire!

+ If there’s music, I have to dance. 

+ My coolest moment ever…. As a 42 year mother of 2, I rode my own motorbike, in a cloud on a mountain in Tasmania.

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