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On reflection the 2019/20 year has had many highlights and it is really exciting to see the numerous achievements of our network presented in this report. In particular, I would like to congratulate the Board on their active contribution to the pivoting of our network as we adapted to the COVID-19 climate. We have emerged from the current landscape in a strong position thanks to the organisation’s commitment to our continuous development, strategy and improvement to our underlying processes which will support the sustainability of the WiBRD’s future.

I would like to acknowledge and sincerely thank Liz Rymill for her invaluable contribution and volunteer time she has committed to our network during her tenure as a Board member.

You can get a copy of our 2019-2020 Annual Report here


We bid farewell to long standing board members Judy McKay and Tahlia Gabrielle who between them, served nine years on the board. Both women were pivotal in the growth and success of the WiBRD events over recent years and leave behind a legacy that will continue to be demonstrated in the accomplishments of the network.  We also welcomed two new board members to the WiBRD team, Caitlin Kennedy and Donna Foster.

You can get a copy of our 2017-2018 Annual Report here.


2016/2017 saw another year of growth for the Women in Business & Regional Development network. This growth signifies the momentum the Board is achieving in the region. With a number of changes to the WIBRD Board and committees the current Board are focused on creating a sustainable network for the future.

View the 2016/2017 WIBRD Annual Report Here


The 2015/2016 year saw  a new Board in place with commitment to further implementing a new strategic direction for the organisation. The planning of the new Board takes in to account the successful 2015 IWA awards and the momentum leading on from the awards with a surge in the number of events being held and attendees to the events.

View our 2015/2016 WIBRD Annual Report


The 2014/2015 year saw the a new Board in place with a new strategic direction established at the beginning of 2015. A lot of energy has been spent on corporate governance and the planning of events and training to the benefit of the members and sponsors.

View our 2014/2015 WIBRD Annual Report.


The 2014 year saw the Board establish a new strategic and business plan. A lot of time was spent on building the framework of the organisation in order to move forward. The organisation is in a sound financial position and is well positioned to run many programs for the benefit of members in 2015. Once again the IWA night was a great success.

View our  Annual report 13/14


The board of Women in Business & Regional Development was further strengthened this year and new ideas, energy and passion brought to the table. A very full year of events and networking was on offer and the board achieved a solid financial performance.

View our 2013 Annual Report


The 2011/2012 year saw significant organisational change, new board members, centralised administration and strong support from our many sponsors.  We have reviewed our current actions, objectives and processes and we have a new team who were filled with a positive energy and commitment to make a real difference for women across the Green Triangle.  We are now entering 2012/2013 full steam ahead.

View our 2012 Annual Report


The purpose of Women in Business & Regional Development will be the catalyst for accelerating the level of active participation of the Region’s women in promoting economic growth, business prosperity and employment.

View our 2011 Annual Report to find out about its many achievements during 2010-2011.


Our first year operating as an independent incorporated association was an exciting one for Women in Business & Regional Development.  Following on from an excellent partnership arrangement with the Limestone Coast Area Consultative Committee over the preceding 11 years the new volunteer board’s commitment and dedication to engage in activities that contributed to economic growth was commendable.

View our 2010 Annual Report to find out about about the fresh new beginnings made possible by a board of energetic and enthusiastic women.



The 2018-19 year has had many highlights and it is really exciting to see the numerous achievements of Women in Business & Regional Development. This year has been a year of systems for the network which has seen the implementation of a number of processes and programs to improve the networks operational efficiencies including the launch of the new website. On top of this, Women in Business & Regional Development hosted over 21 events for our Members, Partners and community which support our core values as a networking organisation.

View our 2018/2019 ANNUAL REPORT HERE

Plan and Strategy

We have put together several plans for the future of Women in Business and Regional Development.

These plans are available for viewing on the links below;



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