Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame, established in 2016, is about honouring legacy.  It is our way of saying that the work you did and continue to do, matters.  It is a celebration of courage and generosity.  We know that “extraordinary things are often hiding in places people never think to look”, and we celebrate the ‘extraordinary’ in the seemingly ordinary.

As women we are curators for future generations.  Regardless of our ages, we are connected by our stories and our collective wisdom.  The Hall of Fame is our opportunity to keep these stories alive and our generations connected.  It is our way of saying ‘Thank You’ to those that have added to WiBRD’s footprint and who have given their time, expertise and passion to build our network.


An individual will be inducted into The Hall of Fame based on the following criteria:

  • Significant contribution to the network over a sustained period of time
  • Significant influence and impact on the network, and its growth
  • Demonstrated passion for supporting regional women to succeed

2016 - Elaine Pollock

2018 - Elizabeth Hodges

Current President – Toastmasters

2018 - Tammy Whitehead

Glenara Transport

2018 - Wendy Richardson

Redgum Country

2020 - Liz Ballinger

Teatrick Lavender Estate

2020 - Nancy Withers

Pomanda Working Kelpies

2020 - Jan Kentish

2020 - Helen Stock

2020 - Janice Nitschke

2020 - Maureen Andrews

2020 - Di Ind

2020 - Kay Hocking

2022 - Maria Gentile

2022 - Lydia Mules

2022 - Nadine Di Giorgio

2022 - Judy Mckay

2022 - Duncan Redman

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