Mentor Connect | Framework

Purpose of a Mentoring Program

  • Mentoring is a one-to-one relationship that allows people to share their practised and personal skills and experiences in a structured and professional way.
  • Offering career guidance based on encouragement, openness, mutual trust, respect, and a willingness to learn and share.

Goals of the Mentor Connect program

  • The program aims to enhance women’s leadership capacity, encourage cohesion and identity among regional businesspeople, and positively impact economic activity.
  • An opportunity to capitalise on the power of the WiBRD network and its connections.

Benefits of our program

  • Mentor will have the potential to change someone’s life
  • Mentor will help support valuable talents to stay within the regional community
  • It can reinforce the business and life lessons Mentors have learnt
  • It can connect both parties with other areas of their industry
  • Provides flexibility and mentoring access to anyone, anytime, even in remote locations, to someone who might not otherwise have access to a mentor
  • An infinite range of expertise at your fingertips
  • It gives the mentee an instant return without a long-term commitment

WiBRD online mentoring portal

  • WiBRD online mentoring portal will support lodging of mentor and mentee expression of interest forms and mentoring session bookings.
  • The professional biographies of mentors and a summary of their mentoring industry focus will be displayed for mentee access on the WiBRD mentoring portal.
  • Mentor Connect portal will include an online orientation session, custom content pieces (guidelines and how-to-do), and inspiration materials in the form of testimonials, spotlights, case studies, and articles (videos, decks, presentation templates, etc.)
  • Marketing promotion – Series of video snippets showing what has worked and has not, and top 3 tips from professionals.


Process for recruiting and matching

  • Prospective mentors will complete an Expression of Interest (EOI) form for review and approval by the Steering Committee.
  • Appropriate screening for mentors, including child abuse checks and criminal records checks
  • Assessment of each mentor’s willingness to participate in program orientation and a maximum of 5 mentoring sessions
  • Approved mentors will be listed on the digital portal aligned with their industry of expertise
  • Mentees can pair themselves off with a mentor in their chosen industry or profession
  • All it takes is a connection through the digital platform to book a mentor meeting, depending on availability.
  • Mentor/Mentee will meet for a maximum of 2-hour sessions together. (1 x initial mentorship meeting and 1 x follow-up session)

Online orientation session

An orientation session for mentors and mentees is held before each mentoring round.

The purpose of the online orientation session is to:

  • Provide an overview of the mentoring model and structure.
  • Clarify the roles and responsibilities of mentors and mentees.
  • Tips for the Mentor and Mentee on how to get the most out of a mentoring relationship
  • Mentoring communication, confidentiality, boundaries, and limitations


Responsibility of mentor/mentee

All participants must be WiBRD members. The mentor and mentees are expected to commit to the relationship and dedicate time to its success.


  • Read program guidelines and policies.
  • Sign a mentoring agreement.
  • Agree on a mentoring schedule and session expectations.
  • Attend mentoring meetings, prepare appropriately, and attempt any follow-up actions.
  • Actively participate in meetings and support fellow mentors and mentees.
  • Be professional, respectful and observe confidentiality.
  • Contact the program support officer if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Participate in required evaluations and feedback.


Role of the mentor

  • Motivate. Encourage the exploration of ideas and risk-taking in learning
  • Support and listen. Offer emotional support and know when to refer to a professional when needed.
  • Counsel. Provide appropriate and timely advice.
  • Protect. Administer career advice and call out any bias affecting your mentee.


Role of the mentee

  • Listen. Your mentor gives you their time and insight, so listen respectfully.
  • Engage. When meeting with your mentor, take notes, clarify where unsure, and ask questions.
  • Act. Apply what you have learnt from your mentor to your workspace.


Role and responsibilities of WiBRD Board / Steering Committee

  • WiBRD’s role is to facilitate mentoring connecting through the online portal
  • Promoting the program to target potential mentors, and mentees based on identified network professional needs
  • Provide advice, program approvals and guidance as required.
  • Facilitate a final closing session for mentees and mentors.

Establish agreement for Mentors / Mentees

  • Confidentiality is essential for the mentee to be open and ensure the genuine relationship necessary for success.
  • Both mentor and mentee sign a Mentoring Agreement documenting mutually agreed-upon goals and parameters that will serve as the foundation for the mentoring relationships.
  • A code of practice for mentoring will also be made available.

Encouragement of paying it forward

  • Mentorship programs are a mutual way of giving back. Founded on a give-and-take relationship, this program aims to enrich mentees and mentors with a learning and growing experience and equip them with transferable skills for improving industry activity.
  • Mentees feeling empowered by the mentoring experience will be encouraged to join an alumnus to foster a peer culture and to support continuing mentoring for WiBRD.

Reflection – at the end

All program participants will be expected to participate in evaluation activities throughout and following the completion of the mentorship program.