5 Minutes with Naome Burdon

This month our member in focus is Naome Burdon from Argyle Travel and cruise. Naome doesn’t have a passion for travel; her passion IS travel. Years of searching for a ‘hobby’ led her to the realisation that her work and her hobby is travel. It’s not only travelling for herself that she enjoys, don’t even try to stop her when she gets started passionately assisting you with your next holiday!

1/ Who is Naome?

I was raised on a sheep and cropping property at Hatherleigh. I completed primary schooling and the first year of High School at Millicent before heading to Walford Anglican School for Girls for Boarding. On completion of year 12, I completed a Certificate in International Travel with AFTA, moving into the travel industry soon after.

2/ What are the main professional areas you have worked in over the years?

Having dallied in hospitality whilst studying, I’ve now worked in the travel industry now for 26 years, 21 of these with my own business, I founded, in 2000.

3/ What is the biggest challenge you have faced professionally or personally?

Absolutely COVID. I had worked heavily on personal development and that was having great effect to my business leading into 2019. As 2019 drew to a close we were already smashing financial year targets, set for the end of the 20-21 FY (in November). By April 2020, these were mere fallacy. The whole of 2020 was a series of small ups and big downs. I’ve now learnt to better ride these waves and I am well satisfied seeing the capability of my business, whether it gained actual financial fruition or simply proved itself.

4/ What is your favourite place to visit in the Limestone Coast & Western Victoria area?

My favourite place is always the beach, seconded by the beautiful nature walks available all over our region.

5/ Do you have any recommendations for our members to  take away?

Continual development in yourself personally and professionally will continue to motivate and enthuse. I am loving learning from study I am carrying out this year, including being a member of the 2021 LCLGA Leadership Program.

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