5 Minutes with Sally Klose

This month our member in focus is Sally Klose from Sally Klose Strategic Solutions. Sally has a passion for developing people, communities, businesses and organisations and we are honoured to have her as one of our sponsors for our 2021 WiBRD Scholarships.

1/ Who is Sally?

I grew up in Adelaide, married a farmer and moved to Lucindale in the Limestone Coast where we operate a farm focused on prime lamb production. I’m the mother of two young men who are at the start of their careers. I love where I live and being a part of the Lucindale and Limestone Coast community.

2/ What are the main professional areas you have worked in over the years?

My career commenced in Adelaide in the state office of fashion retailer Country Road receiving the best business and people management and sales and customer service training ever (still to this day).

After relocating to Lucindale stints in banking and training coordination followed, providing a great opportunity to meet local people. As Co-ordinator of the Lucindale Learning Centre I worked closely with lecturers, local industry, the local community and other support agencies to identify and co-ordinate vocational and fee for service courses to meet the needs of the community.

I was privileged to work as a facilitator of the Community Builders Program a grass roots community leadership/development program delivered in regional South Australia. As the Local Facilitator I was responsible for designing and coordinating the various programs and process, recruiting participants, linking participants to experiences, models, methodologies, networks, information and resources, encouraging collaboration and being the local ambassador for the program. Through the program I worked with many small communities in the Limestone Coast.

A belief in the ability of communities to solve their own community problems is why I am a passionate advocate for the Stand Like Stone Foundation. Working for the Stand Like Stone Foundation I had a broad portfolio encompassing organisational policy and compliance, corporate governance, marketing and communications, financial and investment management, fund development, event management and grant making.

As a result of my work with the Stand Like Stone Foundation, I was recognised as a leader in the Community Foundation sector, receiving an Award for Excellence from Australian Community Philanthropy for “outstanding achievements and contributions to philanthropy through the Community Foundation movement”. I am now a member of the Stand Like Stone Foundation Board supporting the vision “to inspire community kindness and courage” by raising funds that are invested, with the income supporting charitable projects and educational scholarships.

My belief that good governance is the foundation of organisational effectiveness led me to local government. Providing practical and quality governance and communications advice and leading a multi-disciplinary community services team.

I have now established Sally Klose Strategic Solutions, sharing my breadth of experience and versatile skill set to help other people convert their ideas into great outcomes.

3/ What is the biggest challenge you have faced professionally or personally?

My biggest challenge I’ve faced professionally is establishing a career when I moved from Adelaide to Lucindale – where I didn’t know anyone and working out how my skills could be used to create a fulfilling career.

4/ What is your favourite place to visit in the Limestone Coast & Western Victoria area?

Penola and Robe for the food, art and shops.
Kingston and Robe for the beaches.

5/ Do you have any recommendations for our members to  take away?

I think it’s important to have the ability to reinvent yourself to suit changing circumstances and to think about how the skills you have can be transferred from one industry to another. I believe we always have something we can offer to make a positive difference.


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