WiBRD are proud to support HerSELF initiative

Become a Herself Mentor!

Many women in our community have faced challenges such as the loss of a their partner through death or relationship breakdown, the loss of employment, economic hardship, social isolation, or family violence or just a turn of life events that has knocked them down.

When you join us to become a mentor for The Herself Project, which will be delivered in the first quarter of 2021, you will be giving a hand up, restoring worthiness and meaning to other women who need our help.
It’s an exchange: We will give you some valuable personal empowerment training and you’ll give back an hour a week/fortnight for 16 weeks.

You and I know someone for who this could make all the difference! Please help to change her life.
Apply to become a Herself Mentor – you might discover it changes your life too!

Win a Herself Scholarship worth $3000

“You are worthy right now – not when, not if. Worthiness does not have prerequisites.” 

This quote from social researcher, Brene Brown, resonates with truth and it is the message delivered by the Herself project: You are enough! 

The Herself Project is for women who want to be more!  This powerful self empowerment program will help you recalibrate your perception of your self, clarify your purpose, articulate your ambitions, discover your strengths and empower you to live your most authentic and powerful life.

Worth over $3000 this scholarship has been made possible by I-Myself Life Pvt Ltd, StandLikeStone, Mount Gambier City Council, WiBRD, LimeFM, and many local business sponsors. It comprises of  20 weeks of life coaching, one on one mentoring and workshops on life skills such as goal setting, budgeting, property, personal styling and much more.

Be all that you were meant to be. Apply today.



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