WiBRD Check-In Circle- A simple “How are You?” can make a day!

WiBRD Check-In Circle
A simple “How are You?” can make a day!

During these challenging times the highest priority is looking after yourself and of course your family. There are so many daily changes happening to society and the business framework and it can be overwhelming to keep up.

Women in Business & Regional Development have established a ‘Check-In Circle’, whereby people from the community and our network are encouraged to call or text one another.

Yes, that is right a real call or text!! Let’s save the zoom and internet chats for the many times we will need them in the future!
These calls whether it be to a friend or a business associate are a way in which we can all have a sane conversation about how we are. These calls are not for professional advice as there are so many resources available for accurate and up to date relevant information pertaining to individuals’ requirements.  Links to these are on our Facebook Page, in our newsletters and on our website.

They are simply a ‘How are you?’ call and we encourage all of our members and network to sit back or take a walk (at a safe distance) make a call and simply say ‘How are You?’

As a community we have never been through anything quite so challenging in all areas of our life. It is vital we continue to connect with each other and let others know we care and we are all in this together.

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