Women in Business & Regional Development is all about connecting and supporting women throughout their career.

We offer networking, mentoring and learning, and you can achieve valuable support for your business and personal life.

Women in Business & Regional Development is a non profit organisation that strives to connect encourage and inspire women from right across the region.

To lead a series of inclusive networks for like-minded women in a supportive and professional environment.

Women in B
usiness and Regional Development Inc. supports and provides opportunities to:

  • enhance business connections
  • build skills base
  • develop friendships
  • develop supportive strategic alliances
  • be an identifiable and respected source of community and regional perspectives

Membership Categories:
WiBRD offers individual and Corporate membership. Cost of individual membership is $ 85.00 (inc GST).  Corporate membership offers full membership for up to three (3) employees of the Corporate member and the fee is $200.00 (Inc GST).

What is the purpose of WiBRD?
WiBRD is a network to support like-minded women to get together in a supportive environment. Our purpose is to provide relationships to enhance business, develop friendships and strategic alliances and to be an identifiable and respected source of community and regional perspectives, sought by policy makers and drivers.

WiBRD guiding principles:

  • Inclusion – provide a network that is supportive, accessible, flexible, and relevant to members.
  • Collaboration – work in collaboration with organisations whose charter has commonality and/or who provide opportunities for WiBRD members.
  • Innovation – provide access, network links and opportunities for members to enable innovation.
  • Professionalism – activities of WiBRD to be conducted in a professional manner. WiBRD aims to provide a quality program delivered in a professional manner. Expectation that members will conduct themselves with integrity.
  • Growth – to expand and develop all network memberships to enhance the potential of all members to grow their businesses and networks. To build on the past and seek ongoing successful rural and regional communities.

How is WiBRD funded?
WiBRD is currently funded by membership fees and sponsorship. In the future funding will be sought from external providers (Grants etc) to maintain and expand its operations. Currently WiBRD is operated by a voluntary Board and an Executive Officer on part time service contract.

WiBRD Membership Benefits

  1. WiBRD events discount for events
  2. Free ticket to the WIBRD Christmas function
  3. Access to Network events
  4. WiBRD infrastructure and support – Incorporated Body with insurance. (Network meeting groups have the benefit that all corporate governance and BAS,Audits etc are taken care of by the Board)
  5. Networking ability across the Green Triangle
  6. Be part of networking group with significant influence in the region.


To join us TODAY simply download this WIBRD Membership Form and email or send it back to us.