5 Minutes with Leanne Dunn

This month our member in focus is Leanne Dunn from All Dunn Administration. Leanne has over 30 years experience in the communications & information systems and administration fields. We are so excited to be able to share her story with you.

1/ Who is Leanne?

I grew up in Mount Gambier but ran away and joined the Navy at 17 years of age. Twenty years later I woke up and thought that was fun, I want to go home. I have lived here ever since. I share a house with my sister and any number of pets.

2/ What are the main professional areas you have worked in over the years?

Defence (Information & Communications Systems), Law Enforcement (Administration) and Local Government (Records Management). I started All Dunn Administration in 2016 specialising in transcribing and records management.

3/ What is the biggest challenge you have faced professionally or personally?

The loss of my mother when I was 9 years old has probably had the most impact on my life and I think made me independent at an early age. Professionally, a military career is challenging in the best of times but being a woman in the navy in the ‘80’s & 90’s wasn’t always easy. I spent more than eight years at sea, deployed to Somalia and Iraq and spent three years in Washington D.C. What is most challenging is being away from family for long periods of time..

4/ What is your favourite place to visit in the Limestone Coast & Western Victoria area?

I have to say home! I have done a lot of travelling over the years so I am bit of a homebody. Having said that I love Mount Gambier and Penola. Funnily enough, even though I spent twenty years in the Navy I’m not really a beach goer.

5/ Do you have any recommendations for our members to  take away?

My mantra has always been ‘choice & consequence’. I work through any decision by considering what is the best / worst thing that could happen. Make whatever choice you want and prepare for the consequences. Most importantly take responsibility for yourself and your actions. Own it!

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